Whether a true tough noir dame or just posing as a dangerous lady, you know what you like in life and work hard to get it. You love all of the femme fatales of classic cinema, Veronica Lake, Peggy Cummins, Kim Novak, even modern day Angie from “Gone Baby Gone” (ok, maybe that’s a stretch, however she was determined to live life her way). Nothing says YOU like a tailored suit paired with sky-high pumps and a tight chignon. You’ve been known to quote Elizabeth Taylor when having a bad day, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” Create the perfect home office to feel like the queen of your domaine!


1 Mouille Ceiling Lamp  //  2 Lucite Table Lamp (vintage)  //  3 The Devil’s Cocktail Novel  //  4 Color Block Pillow  //  5 Hand Knotted Wool Rug  //  6 Super 8 Movie Camera (vintage)  //  7 Bocca Dark Lady Sofa  //  8 Ulyana Sergeenko Suit (photo: Marcus Tondo)  //  9 Jey Table  //   10 Ericofon Telephone  //  11 Dalton Lucite Desk